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Turn any

Unwanted or broken GOLD Jewellery


 Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Charms, Earrings,

Gold Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns

We offer the Best

On the Spot CASH PRICE


Your business is our business
All transactions are CONFIDENTIAL

Old broken jewellery is the past…….
Recycle to make new jewellery is the future.

We are now buying direct from the public

Cut out the middle men - Sell Direct
…...means more money in YOUR pocket!

We don’t pay commission to people who hold gold parties in their homes or people who knock on your door to buy gold.  Gold buyers who provide free envelopes have to recover the cost of these and generally do so by offering a lower price.  We don’t pay commission to anyone,

we just pay YOU the
Top Cash Price. 

  *No handling fee*       *No Credit checks*   

Gold Recycling Centre

76 Dame Street,
(4 doors from Olympia Theatre)

Tel. 087 280 3828

Email: info@goldrecycling.ie

Gold Recycling Centre is open to the public
or by appointment

(I.D. Required)

Please note that you can also:

  1. Post Your Gold  (click on ‘Post Your Gold’)
  2. Arrange a call to you (click on ‘We Call To You’)

WANTED - £1MILLION Old Irish Punts

5 Punt Note   10 Punt Note

20 Punt Note   50 Punt Note


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